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We have two styles of brackets:
A Standard Bracket is a square box, which is flat on the bottom.
A Floatation Bracket has a point on the bottom. This helps to level off your boat.

Steel Power Equipment custom builds outboard engine brackets to fit any style of boat. Whether you have a curved transom, full transom or cut-out transom. The watertight bracket provides additional floatation, which in many cases allows the boat to float higher than it did before the bracket was installed. Outboard engine brackets serve many purposes. You will see improvement in performance & handling of your boat, as well as better fuel economy. Boats with brackets balance better, go faster with the same power, back down on a fish faster and better, have more room inside, and are safer in rough seas. With the prop further back off the transom, you will see improved performance. You will have extra space in your boat.

All of our brackets are powder coated, tested to withstand the saltwater conditions. Standards brackets color is white. On top of all of the platforms have a non-skid texture for your safety, which comes in white, custom colors to match your boat are available on special custom order. All brackets are pre-drilled for your transom and your engine.

Setback - 18” to 36”
Platform – 60” to 96”

Options: Ladders (Under Mount Ladder or Dive Pole), Kicker Motor Brackets, and Hand Rails

We also have available is an installation kit to help you to mount your engine bracket onto your boat.

Re-powering from inboards to outboards is our specialty.

Important Measurements

How to determine Transom Angle

Using a standard carpenter's square ruler, slide the long side of the ruler (24") under the boat at the keel point. Slide forward until the short side of the rule (16") touches the transom straight up. Measuure the distance from the keel point to the inside corner of carpenter’s square ruler (see sketch). Each 1/4" is equal to 1° degree. Example: 3” equal to 12 degrees.

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